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Positive Ways to Manage Your Frustration

Feeling frustrated can happen to anyone. Frustration is often accompanied by feelings of disappointment, anger, confusion, anxiety, and feelings of failure. When frustration whack, everything becomes chaotic and out of control. Then, how to manage frustration? Check out the following review. Frustration is a condition related to stress and despair. This condition usually occurs due to mismatch between expectations and reality. Factors that can be the cause of frustration include repeated failure, stressful work situations, uncomfortable environmental conditions, and excessive desire. Various Ways to Manage Your Frustration The emergence of frustration is closely related to the ability to tolerate failure or desires that are not achieved. As we get older, generally the ability to tolerate and get around the failures that occur in life will increase. However, not everyone has the same ability to manage the frustration of this failure. Therefore, there are several ways you can do t
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A series of Green Broccoli Benefits for Health

Green broccoli has long been known as a healthy vegetable that is rich in benefits. The benefits of green broccoli is none other than thanks to the nutritional content in it that is very diverse. Although the taste is not liked by some people, but green broccoli is recommended to continue to be consumed regularly as part of your daily menu. Almost every healthy diet that emphasizes balanced nutritious intake includes broccoli as one of the foods consumed. These vegetables can be consumed by steaming, boiling, or processed into cooking, such as stir-fry or soup mixture. Broccoli contains various nutrients that are good for health, such as: Fiber. Protein. Complex carbohydrates. Water. Potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and iron minerals. Various types of vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin B, folate, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K. The Green with a Myriad of Benefits The variety of benefits of green broccoli can be obtained by anyone who is diligent in

Instant Noodle or Rice, Which Makes You Fatter Faster

Instant noodles are often a substitute for rice which is considered not too filling, so it will not make fat. Though thought is not necessarily true. Let's find out, which type of food is more friendly to maintain weight, instant noodles or rice? To answer this, let's compare the calories found in instant noodles and rice of the same weight. Instant noodle serving as much as 35-40 grams or one package, containing 190 to 200 calories. Meanwhile, white rice with the same weight, only contains 46 calories. Instant Noodles VS Rice From the comparison above, the calorie content of instant noodles is almost five times more than rice. That is, instant noodles are more at risk of causing the body to get fat faster than rice. Not to mention, usually instant noodles are served with eggs, sausages, corned beef or cheese, which of course adds to the calorie content. Then, there is another typical habit of the people in Indonesia, which mixes instant noodles with rice, so that the co